blackboard-techIt’s obvious that, as a company, we do everything we can to enable our learners.  We believe passionately in letting our learners increase their knowledge wherever they might be.  At home, at work, commuting, relaxing in the coffee shop – learning should be where the learner wants it.

All that’s fine and good, and you would probably expect that from a training company, but we want to help teachers too.  That’s why many of our services for teachers are free.  Teachers are at the core of good learning and our teachers feel a responsibility to help others get the best out of their skills.

We love technology, and it’s fair to say that we’re gadget freaks, but that doesn’t mean we let the latest devices get in the way of a great learning experience.  If it doesn’t benefit the learner (and by that we mean, if it doesn’t lead to better results) then it doesn’t get used.