remedial class

What’s wrong with remedials?

One of the more thought-provoking Twitter accounts that I follow is Schools Improvement (@schoolsimprove), which provides a regular stream of links and polls on newsworthy items regarding education.  Today they posted aRead More…


Course Design – Packaging and Content

When it comes to designing learning materials, I come most definitely from the “Content is King” school of thought.  I’ve had to evaluate far too many crappy coursebooks to be any otherRead More…


Technology in the English Classroom 2008 (Revisited)

This article is the result of two things – a useful tip from Russell Stannard (@russell1955) about mybrainshark, and an hour spent avoiding real work by clicking through a folder full of oldRead More…

British Library Gate

Resources – The British Library Sounds Archive

I’d like to claim I found this resource by some really sophisticated Google search, but actually I was just clicking on links and landed here by chance.  With hindsight, it’s quite obviousRead More…

Asleep at the keyboard

iMoot 2015 Review

Normally reviews should come out pretty much immediately after a conference while the memories are fresh (and the participants are still eager to catch up on the goodies!)  But this one hadRead More…


Can the video conference replace face-to-face teaching?

Once you get into a subject and start following it in forums and on social media, you soon discover that there are a lot of hare-brained ideas out there – like Twitter forRead More…


iMoot 2015

iMoot is a slightly strange conference in that it doesn’t require attendees to scrabble for affordable hotel rooms anywhere within three hours’ drive of the conference centre.  You are spared this hassleRead More…