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Classroom Tech

Is there a right way to use classroom technology?

Teachers fall into two camps when it comes to classroom technology – the evangelists and the cynics – and deciding between them (or trying to find a middle way) can be tricky at best,Read More…


When communication is the subject matter

Teaching a language is different to teaching any other subject.  In any other subject, you use a language to explain the subject matter. But in teaching a language, the language is theRead More…

remedial class

What’s wrong with remedials?

One of the more thought-provoking Twitter accounts that I follow is Schools Improvement (@schoolsimprove), which provides a regular stream of links and polls on newsworthy items regarding education.  Today they posted aRead More…

British Library Gate

Resources – The British Library Sounds Archive

I’d like to claim I found this resource by some really sophisticated Google search, but actually I was just clicking on links and landed here by chance.  With hindsight, it’s quite obviousRead More…


Can the video conference replace face-to-face teaching?

Once you get into a subject and start following it in forums and on social media, you soon discover that there are a lot of hare-brained ideas out there – like Twitter forRead More…