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appear.in – lowering the bar to better feedback

I really try to keep on top of developments in online tools.  In fact I see it as an important part of my job, but with so much going on out thereRead More…

Pecha Kucha Night

Using Pecha Kucha to increase learner confidence

Getting learners to speak is one of the challenges in language teaching.  Where in other subjects saying something wrong is usually a problem, in the language class it can often be usefulRead More…


When communication is the subject matter

Teaching a language is different to teaching any other subject.  In any other subject, you use a language to explain the subject matter. But in teaching a language, the language is theRead More…


The Communication Paradox

Schools have started to move away from point counting in assessing language skills, and are increasingly focussed on communicative skills.  The championing of disturbing and non-disturbing errors in the Cambridge tests hasRead More…