Didacta 2016 – Review

Didacta is the German trade fair for teachers.  Every year in February it opens it’s doors to teachers from all school types from preschool to university and beyond.  It rotates between Cologne,Read More…

beach reading

Six Books for the ELT Summer Holidays

So the Summer holidays are upon us and it’s time for some R + R.  But what should dedicated ELT professionals be loading onto their Kindles or packing into their beach bags?Read More…


Course Design – Packaging and Content

When it comes to designing learning materials, I come most definitely from the “Content is King” school of thought.  I’ve had to evaluate far too many crappy coursebooks to be any otherRead More…

British Library Gate

Resources – The British Library Sounds Archive

I’d like to claim I found this resource by some really sophisticated Google search, but actually I was just clicking on links and landed here by chance.  With hindsight, it’s quite obviousRead More…